Let’s set this off like…

I’m a kick this blog off like this. I’m not a personal trainer or fitness guru. I’m just a regular dude with an interest in staying fit and taking care of myself. I just want to be able to share things that I learn on my journey with everyone.

Normally I post videos and stuff on my Instagram or Facebook for the sake of putting it on my feed. Like most social media post just to say hey look at what I’m doing or can do lol. Little did I know that content actually served as motivation to some. I started getting phone calls and text from friends saying “I see you on your workout sh*t keep it up because it’s motivating me.” Even complete strangers sending me dm’s complimenting me and encouraging me to continue because it helps them with their own journey.

So here we are after months of saying I wanted to start a health and wellness blog. I’m finally doing it and here is my first entry. Stay tuned for new content I have plenty of ideas up my sleeve that everyone should enjoy.

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