Survival of the Fit

How Physical Education Ensures Academic Achievement and a Healthy Life

By: Daniel Fulham O’Neill

Survival of the Fit is more than a book. It is a guide and template for a revolution regarding physical education (PE) and sports in our nation’s schools. This revolution will change the way we consider, program and fund PE.   Most importantly, it will ensure the health of the next generation of children as they negotiate this increasingly complex world that is moving far faster than human evolution. 

About the Author

Dr. Daniel O’Neill is a board-certified Orthopaedic Surgeon, Sports Medicine Doctor, Sport Psychologist, and Author on a mission to get children healthier and happier through maintaining what he calls their “physical identity” for life. At the intersection of physical health and sports, he has built over 30+ years a successful medical practice and revolutionary educational platform that is transforming today’s approach to children’s fitness. His research, presentations and books have consistently challenged the status quo, inspiring educators nationwide to discover and nurture the athlete in every child.

Dr. O’Neill currently practices at The Alpine Clinic, the largest orthopedic practice in Northern New Hampshire. As a physician he worked with a diverse patient list that includes the U.S. Ski and Ski Jumping Teams, Plymouth State University, and Burke Mountain Ski Academy. After appreciating the importance of mental preparedness and rehabilitation was missing from the world of sports medicine, Dr. O’Neill went back to school to become a Sports Psychologist so he could better help his patients heal—both in mind and body.

An industry trailblazer, Dr. O’Neill is devoted to raising awareness about the link between children’s loss of physical identity and the likelihood of the later onset of obesity, physical lethargy, anxiety and depression. A noted thought leader, he speaks and writes on the topics of the exercise mindset, sports psychology, optimizing athletic performance, rehabilitation & recovery, and motivating the ‘non-athletic’ child from within. His latest book, “Survival of the Fit: Rebranding Gym Class for the Academic and Physical Health of our Children” (Jan. 2021) will empower readers with a better understanding of the global obesity crisis and offer concrete yet simple solutions for creating healthier and happier children.

Dr. O’Neill holds an MD and a doctorate in Exercise and Sport Psychology. He lives the active lifestyle he inspires, always finding great adventure hiking, biking and skiing in the White Mountains with his wife, Patty, and two rescue dogs, Lenny and Carlos.

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